Whaaat? Am I doing a Blogtober? What?

This is your reaction now! Yeah I’m trying to juggle Blogtober, med school, life and studying. I’m a rockstar.

This is just an introduction, but hello everyone. Welcome spooky month, welcome my favourite month ever! Who doesn’t love October? You have everything in October, scented candles, Halloween, spooky movies etc.

That’s why I’m excited to do a Blogtober lovelies, I really hope it will come around perfectly. Please let me know in the comments, what do you guys love about October, and if you’re doing Blogtober like me.

I’ll be posting lots this month, little haul, things I love about this month, I’ll show spooky outfits, it will be amazing I promise you guys! I won’t let you down.

See you tomorrow!



Things I loved in September

Wake me up when September ends.. oh wait. It’s 30th and we can finally welcome October tomorrow, aka the best month in the entire universe. We can get spooky. But as the September coming to and end, I got a cold and well my throat is crying for help. That’s why I didin’t post anything lately, so sorry guys. If anyone is sick right now, I feel your pain.

Things I loved in September, were nice things because I always enjoy small but lovely gestures in my way.

  1. Netflix – Who doesn’t love Gilmore Girls marathon in Autumn? It’s tbe best thing honestly! Grab yourself a cuppa of tea or coffee, and enjoy.

2. Food – Yes yes yes. What is more relaxing than eating while watching Gilmore Girls?


3. Onesies, pj’s – I have like four onesies, and I still don’t think it’s enough. It’s warm, cuddly and you can walk in it everyday. It’s comfy so much!! I was looking lately for onesies, and I found the cutest one with unicorn. It’s tempting.

4. Planning a bucket list – I know, it’s late..but it’s still 2018! I can manage jumping off the plane right? Right? But I always wanted to visit Thailand and other countries. I want to make my blog more successful ( Like, I want more people to read it ) I want to do my makeup well, because I suck at it so much. I don’t know how to do a smokey eyes, put on eyeliner etc. I want to do more hairstyles, because I only know how to do a ponytail. I suck at everything, literally. Moving on.

5. Writing a journal – I always been wondering how to plan a journal and share my thoughts in it. I heard it’s good for organization skills right? But anyway, I’ve been looking for good planners / journals so hit me up in comments with links. It will be helpful!

6. Tea – I can’t count how many cups i’ve drank in September, because lots of it! It helps so much for my throat, and being sick is definitely the worst thing because October is coming, and I wanted to carve pumpkins, I have a huge ones!

These are all the things I loved in September, and I’m ready for October to come. I’m not doing Blogtober, but there will be more posts coming so don’t be sad. I have lots posts planned, horror wise etc. Short post, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Don’t get sick guys, drink lots of tea and wear onesies.


Bloggers everyone should read

My favourite activity to do when I’m bored, is to read some bloggers. Not just any bloggers, but a fabulous women who are inspirational and keep on bringing me motivation. So here we go, enjoy my post with cup of anything you like.

  1. Ana- The-She Approach // @thesheapproach


We recently followed each other, but she seems like a lovely person and she has a killer blog! What an inspiration, keep on going lovely.

2. Lady Writes // @LadyWrites_Blog


She’s so lovely, I admire to have a blog like hers someday, because it’s beautiful and all the posts are so amazing. And I love reading her tweets, so hilarious sometimes!

3. The Bunny Qween! // @dungareesdonuts


Beautiful blog and a lovely soul. Nothing to add more, you just have to follow her on twitter and her blog too!

4. Chloe Elizabeth // @chloexlizabeth


The loveliest! She even has a beautiful name, what a gem! I love your design of the blog!

5. Jenny in Neverland // @jennymarston_xo


She’s so lovely, because I love her tweets and she’s so strong though! I love the fact that she has Friends related bio! I’m a Monica Geller too. I like that she loves Harry Potter! Love you gal x

6. Estelle // @JeSeraiReine


You may know her from my Autumnal chat, but I’m gonna mention her again because she’s so nice. I loved talking with her about Autumn, and she seems like an amazing girl. It’s so worth of following her literally! Believe me guys. So check out Estelle’s blog.

7. Jenn // @JennieLy


She’s a book worm like I am, and that make me the happiest! She even won an award for her blog, I’m so proud of her. Follow her because you may find a book for yourself, you never know! I’d be happy if we could talk for a while!

There’s so many bloggers I’d love to mention, but I’d ran out of ideas! Chloe Alice, Lauren Ann, Alice Anne, Amie, Jemma Morgan, Morgan etc you’re all lovely! And to my new followers, you’re amazing too. You made it through Monday, you can do it! I’m thinking of doing a Blogtober, but I don’t know yet. Maybe a couple posts a day, but not a whole month. I’ll have to think about it.

Let me know in the comments, who is your favourite bloggers to read! Snuggle in your blanket, have a tea because it’s freezing outside. Take care of yourselves lovelies.


Autumnal Chat with Estelle

I decided to make a series on my blog! Maybe a seasonals one. I’m gonna start looking for a blogger for Winter chat. I talked to the lovely Estelle on twitter @JeSeraiReine Follow her, she’s the cutest, and she agreed to my chat. So make a cuppa of tea, coffee or even a milk with cinnamon, and enjoy.

1. What makes you excited for Autumn? Is it the festive decorations or just the season?

I’m excited about everything really ! Like the atmosphere, the feeling of a new beginning and fresh start. Decorations obviously are a bonus but the whole season in general. I’ve never been a huge fan of summer, so when Autumn starts coming, I’m excited.

Yeah, something about the atmosphere gets me really festive. It’s all the fairy lights, pumpkins etc. I literally hate Summer, and colder and chilly evenings make me happy so much.

It’s the exact same for me, cold cosy nights makes me sooo happy.

2. What are your top five activities to do in Autumn? Do you prefer doing them outdoors or indoors, and why?

Hmm I don’t really know to be honest, I love trying to travel for the occasion, I spent Halloween once in Belfast, twice in Edinburgh and LOVED it. Also I love pumpkin carving  and I love seeing what’s on in my city at the time! You?

Im literally the same, but I love to read books indoors. With cosy blanket, cup of tea and hearing the pouring rain outside. That’s my favourite thing about it. Really? It’s my dream to spent Halloween in NYC or even in Autumn. How was these cities? Which one you enjoyed most?

This sounds amazing, I’m definitely going to do that as well. One day maybe you’ll go to NYC for Halloween, my mum did when she was younger and she told me it was such a nice experience !

Belfast was great because that’s where Halloween comes from so basically EVERYONE celebrates it, but I have to admit I fell in love with Edinburgh (that’s why I went twice at this season) ! Also I’m such a huge Harry Potter fan and this city is amazing at this time of the year for that.

That sounds like a great experience really! Always nice to meet a Harry Potter fan.

3. Since we both love Autumn, what do you think of people naming their kids Autumn, Summer, Winter etc? To me it’s lovely, because Winter sounds so nice for a girl! But I didin’t see someone naming a kid Spring. But the whole concept is nice.

As you said, I feel like the concept is nice, but I believe some people make fun of them so I unfortunately wouldn’t. I used to know one girl call Autumn and I kind of really like it, though I had a bad memory with that person so I guess I would definitely not call my children that way ahah! I said I don’t like summer that much, though for a name I kind of like it!

I see! But you’re right of the laughing part, I met once a girl named like a brand who makes face creams. So it’s really strange!

4. Is there anything you don’t like about Autumn and why? Is it the activities or just the colder weather? Have you ever got bored in home while it was raining?

Well as much as I love being indoors when it’s cold, or even outdoors in parks with crunchy leaves, going to work when it’s basically night time outside, and coming back from work when it is STILL night time outside, and dead cold, isn’t the best part of Autumn ! What do you think ?

You’re right, because going back to home from work / school sucks when it’s so dark out there & cold! I’m an adult, but I’m so scared of walking all alone. Sometimes I even go with a flash light, maybe it’s silly but I’m scared. I have a flashback of someone following me couple years ago, it was Autumn and I was scared to death.

It isn’t silly at all, unfortunately we never know when we’re safe or not and it’s totally understandable, I feel the same if I stay outside in the dark for too long. I think it’s sad we have to feel that way though! And because something like this happened to you, I can understand 100% so don’t feel silly for this, at least it makes you be careful and aware !

5. Do you always celebrate Halloween? What do you dress up as? Is it the cat woman like Monica from Friends, or maybe a pink bunny? I always liked to dress up like someone from Addams family, I thought it was funny!

Ahahah so you go more for the ‘scary” part than the dressing part, I mean I feel like people don’t dress to scare anymore all the time (but that’s funny though!) I love celebrating Halloween, yes. I try my best to do it every year, although my ideas for costumes aren’t the best as I most of time just go for a witch. I will try to be a bit more inspired this year !

What are you doing this year for Halloween? By the way I love the reference to Friends eheh ! I would be like Ross : the potato!

Haha yeah! I love dressing up so scary, when I’m screaming on horror movies and covering my eyes! Witch sounds cool, they always have the best clothes! I’ll probably buy a big pumpkin basket, buy some candy and watch horror movies, as long as I can! Although I’d love to go trick or treating!

Aaah I would love trick or treating too omg ahah! It would bring memories right? I’d love to watch horror movies during Autumn but I’m waaay too sensitive and scared so quickly so that’s a no for me.

Thank you so much for this amazing chat, you’re so lovely! I hope It came out nicely.

Thank YOU for that, I was feeling a bit down right now so it kind of cheered me up a bit and you’re lovely, so That was really nice.

So that’s the whole chat, wow it’s a long one but who cares! I could talk about Autumn for hours really! See you all soon.


Me, Myself & I

I’m always trying to discover myself, find my voice but lately it’s been hard. Going to med school and meeting all new people like everyday, has been stressful. I know I’m an adult now, but nobody told me it’s that hard. When I was younger, all it took to be friends was just a little hello or how are you today, but now? They judge you, they laugh at you for no absolute reason, and for what? For trying to be nice? Everyone keep saying to me, that it’s easy to make friends, but it’s really not. I’m terrified when I’m meeting someone, because I don’t know what to say, and this awkward silence, ugh. I’m sure for some people it’s easy and I’m happy for you guys, but it’s not for me anymore. I’m just happy that in my class, there is one girl who keeps talking to me, and she’s kinda lovely, I appreciate her for making a contact with me.

It’s not 2000 anymore, when I was being liked by everyone.. it’s 2018, when I’m an adult, who has to pay the bills, who has to face the whole world, who has to go to job after I finish my med school. Like it’s impossible, how much pressure they put on us. Don’t you want to go back to the old times? I wish I could. Now I have like ten large books with human anatomy, and I have to remember it all, I have to be more responsible, I have to make mistakes for later to learn on them.  Some people say, that group of people from 30 to 50 years old, have it all planned and they live so perfectly. Well, I have to break it to you, but it’s not always butterflies and flowers. When you’re 30, you’re automatically have to get married, have kids and a huge law firm or even a hospital to own. You have to be this kind of person, who makes plans, who always know what to say, who always dresses up in the nicest way possible. When you’re 50, you seen life, you’ve seen it all. But have you? In this age, you can do anything really. You don’t have this kind of pressure, you can go rest and do literally nothing. But I think when you’re 20+ it’s the start of hell. You have to look for a college, private schools, get a PhD, have a boyfriend / girlfriend and you have to have everything planned out. This is what scares me the most, because I’m so young, and I don’t know what I want to do anymore, I don’t know. I give up really.  Few months ago, I wanted to be like Carrie Bradshaw from ”The Carrie Diaries” just live in New York, make clothes and work for the fashion diva, this could really make my life brigther.


So yeah, I finally said it. Life is a bitch, it’s not easy. I’m before my period ( Not to mention my heat weaves, mood swings etc) And I’m on fire with this post because I finally have enough of this. Why we have to make decisions? Why there’s so much pressure? Why we can’t relax and just be happy? Do we have to get married, have kids or be with job?

Let me know in the comments, if you feel the same way.



When I was younger, I wanted to become a fairy. I wanted to have pretty shiny wings and be happy. As a kid, I knew magic is real, because it’s really something that I loved watching while I was growing up. The most important thing about it, is that we have a way to have an amazing imagination. We can create our own story, sometimes even a book. I admire writers so much, because it’s such an effort to create a story about people, animals, creatures etc, you know? I admire you all.

Going back to the main theme ”Magic” I’d like to say, that I’ll never will grown of fairytales and animated movies. Cinderella, Lady and the Trump, Toy Story, Mulan.. all these movies taught me some great values, some amazing tips and I still have the best memories of it.

giphy (2).gif

Cinderella has taught me the best things ever. She wished, she was dreaming and it all came true. I always knew she’s brave because no matter what life gave her she raised and she went all the way up.

It’s great to sacrifice everything for love, but make sure the feeling’s mutual.” Remember this, because even if you think that someone loves you, better make sure. Don’t sacrifice everything just for a person who plays you.

You shouldn’t have to change yourself to get your happy ending” Don’t change yourself ever, it’s not worth it. At the end showing your true self, is the best way to remain happy and calm in your life.

As a kid, I wrote like a thousand journals about finding the prince and finally getting my happy ending. I don’t think that anymore, because I realized that I don’t need a man to make me happy. I just need my cat, books & Gilmore Girls. Another reasons why I’m excited for Autumn to come. Marathon of Gilmore Girls! If you’re not watching it yet, what are you doing with your life?

Admit it, you have fallen for a bad boy before. In Rory’s case, she fell for a jerk named Logan which I disliked the most. Anyway, she ended up being single and she still became successful without any help. I admire strong and independent women. Girl Power!

Have a lovely evening / night lovelies. x

Taking a gap year?

I love travel, as much as I love to study. But can you really connect these things together?

”The phrase ‘gap year’ has traditionally meant a period of time taken out by students after leaving college and before starting university”

In my opinion it’s a good thing, because as soon as Rory Gilmore graduated from high school, she traveled the world backpacking through Europe with her mom. You have memories, a different mind set and you can really tell others, what have you visited when you arrive to your college. But they are some downs about it.

  • You literally don’t think about school when you’re travelling the world
  • You have head in the clouds

Gap Year is like a runaway from your problems, life and it shouldn’t be this way at all. I know lots of teens are lost, they don’t know what to do after high school, and they decide to take a gap year. But is it really worth it? Maybe take a few weeks, months not a whole year. I personally didin’t have any gap year in my life, maybe i’ll take one after my med school. It’s important to explore yourself, raise your culture in other countries, it’s better to really feel the freedom behind it.


Lots of people travel, lots of other students too but what if someone is caught up with all the study, college and work? How do you suppose to have fun while travelling? It takes courage and maturity, to follow your dreams in the right direction. My friend took a gap year after university and she was suppose to do a PhD, but she didin’t because she fell in love with New York and stayed there. There are positive reasons for a gap year and negative ones. I’m torn between two of these, what’s your decision on gap year? Do you support it?

If you can connect travelling & school, you’re doing this right! Good luck to all of you thinking about taking a gap year. Just think this through.